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  • Collection Process

Collection Process

Collection Process

Any collection agency is only as good as their process used to collect debt. Link Debt Recovery uses the latest technology available to aid their talented staff in insuring the highest rate of recovery for our clients.

Obtain the account (electronically or manually)

Throughout the day Link Recovery imports and inputs account information used to begin the process of collecting. Notices are mailed and contact with the debtor is initiated and tracked.

All accounts are verified, scrubbed, and consolidated

To leverage the work that may have already been done by our staff we match any new accounts with existing data in our system (aliases, social security numbers, phone numbers, other addresses, etc.) The process of sending notices and making contact with the debtor can begin immediately. Our team is continually trained on the rules and regulations that govern debt collection across the United States.

Representatives call to arrange collection of the debt

Our collectors verify information and ask for payment in full on initial contact. Because this is not normally an option, our staff then begins the process of working out arrangements to satisfy the debt.

Balances of debt over $50 are reported to the major credit agencies within 45 days

Link Recovery has relationships with TransUnion Experian,and Equifax, the three major credit agencies in the United States. To aid in recovering debt Link Recovery pulls debtors credit and reports balances of more than $50 to credit agencies after 45 days of receiving the account.

Take legal action

As some debtors fail in their agreed obligations or arrangements Link Recovery can take the legal actions required to further collect on the debt. All normally incurred legal costs are paid up front by Link Debt Recovery.